I am pationate about teaching! I am constantly alert to seize pedagogical moments/resources such that I can use them to

update/improve/expand my teaching contents and ability. Some of these moments are captured in this twitter moment!

Teaching Experiences:

Sole Instructor

University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada

      Use of statistics in Economics (Introduction to Econometrics)              Summer 2018

 Econ 395     [ Course outline ]

      Principles of Microeconomics                                                               Spring 2017

 Econ 201 -01     [ Course outline ]

Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB, Canada

       Principles of Microeconomics                                                               Fall 2018

    Econ 1101-16  [ Course outline ]


Teaching assistant

University of Calgary

Behavioral Economics                                              fall 2017

Advanced Econometrics II  (PhD course)                 winter 2017

Advanced Econometrics I   (PhD course)                  fall 2016

Intermediate Microeconomics II                               winter 2016

Intermediate Macroeconomics I                               winter 2015 

Electricity Markets                                                    fall 2014, fall 2015